Lwin Maung is a mechatronics developer from Chicago. Started in the career in information technology as a support technician and web developer while attending university. Lwin has since mastered databases, networks designs and implementation, security, VOIP technologies, mobile development, and web development. His latest adventure in technology involves developing mobile applications as well as building and designing interactive hardware from the ground up using micro-controllers. Lwin has consulted for small startups, fortune 500 companies as well as NGOs world wide. Lwin’s mobile applications have been featured on technology sites such as engadget, gizmodo, and pocket now.

Lwin is originally from Myanmar (formally Burma). Traditionally, his name would be Lwin Maung Maung. He left Myanmar when he was 13 with his family to Singapore. He lived in Singapore for two years before moving to Vienna, Austria.

This is where his passion for computers began. He started writing his first program using hyper card on an Apple Macintosh computer. Three years later, that skill set transferred to pascal after his family moved to Amman, Jordan. Lwin then moved to Chicago, Illinois to study Computer Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. He later changed his field of focus to Computer Science while attending Loyola University Chicago.

Lwin has built and deployed servers for Ministry of Justice (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Department of Refugee Affairs (Kosovo). On the private sector, Lwin has worked for Motorola, Royal Bank of Canada, Teradyne, and Kone. Lwin founded and started Accolade Systems, LLC., private consulting and software development business, back in November of 2010. Accolade Systems has since been working with organizations such as Chicago Code and 21st Century Youth Program to educate both adults and youth to programming mobile applications.

In his free time, he teaches high school students how to develop mobile applications on Windows Phone and Android platforms. Lwin can be seen speaking at various code camps and technological conferences throughout the US. With his brother, Min Maung, Lwin has co-designed and created programmable microcontrollers and robots for educational use. They are currently working on home automation and robots using the cloud controlled devices. As an early adopter of Windows 8 platform, he has worked with Microsoft in promoting the platform from a developer’s stand point.

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